Dr. Marilyn Mehr


Getting a license at the Bronx County Courthouse

August 9, 2011

Tags: gay, wedding, two women

So there we were, two very middle-aged women climbing the steps of the Bronx County Courthouse on a beautiful August day. Our driver, Orlando, could hardly contain his curiosity about our mission, but contented himself in wishing us well as we went to pick up our "big bag of money." Well, hardly.
I don't know what I expected of the building, but I was stunned! The structure is massive, rising nine stories in a neo-classic style, the sides decorated with "vertical ribbons with copper and nicket Art Deco style, separated by limestone piers." And that's only the outside. We entered through high marble arches into a lobby with bronze doors, wood paneling and murals designed by workers of the WPA. Unexpectedly for me, I began to cry. "Oh, Betty, I said this is perfect! Unlike our own times, the government had hired workers in 1933 whose occupations are represented in friezes: agriculture, commerce, industry, religion and the arts. We had both come back to our roots as the children of working class parents, raised in the deprivations of the Great Depression. (more…)

My Big Fat Gay Wedding

August 4, 2011

Tags: Gay, wedding

In my wildest dreams I never expected to be sitting in a hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina watch a television screen as the New York State legislature recorded enough votes to pass the Marriage Equality Act. I wept with unexpected relief and joy as I hugged my straight roommate and danced around the room. (more…)

Selected Works

Two women--psychologists, professors and activists--love each other fiercely, but struggle against the invisibility and/or scorn of American society. As social activists, they must overcome their exile and have the courage to confront prejudice and live honest lives. These lessons hold for all women, men and their families. (purchase on Amazon.com. Barnes and Noble.com and Bootlocker.com)
Historical Fiction
Holding the World Together is a captivating adventure, a touching love story and an evocation of the American West.
by Marilyn Mehr, Nancy M. Snell, Judith M. Olson, Dennis R. Mehr

The book reveals the pain, personal growth and insights of adult children witnessing the loss of their cherished father deteriorating before their eyes.
by Betty Walker, Ph.D. and Marilyn Mehr, Ph.D.

Based on the first study ever done on academically gifted women and their life patterns of achievement. This is a ground-breaking work for and about women that is a blueprint for reaching one’s maximum potential.

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