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My Big Fat Gay Wedding

In my wildest dreams I never expected to be sitting in a hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina watch a television screen as the New York State legislature recorded enough votes to pass the Marriage Equality Act. I wept with unexpected relief and joy as I hugged my straight roommate and danced around the room. Never in forty years of a relationship with my partner did I imagine that I would have the choice to marry, and now I did.
I floated home on in the window seat of a 727, always flying higher than the clouds, always waiting for the moment when I could share my joy. Betty hadn't been floating in the stratosphere. She was happy about the justice of the decision, but adamantly against any "blessings" by clergy and even suspicious of the newly-found benificence of the state. "Why get married now? After all these years? We're just copying an outmoded patriarchal institution designed to protest property!" And so on....
I had to admit that I was influenced by the "outmoded" image of two people, all dressed up, walking down an aisle to the smiles of family and friends, a little chamber music playing and greeted by a woman of the cloth ready to pronounce all the privileges and benefits of married life upon them. It's hard to change these childhood images, yes?
Anyway, I think we have gotten to "yes," but not without yelling and tears, lots of old unexpected memories surfacing and an even better understanding of ourselves and others. (Why do I have to design the whole damned show?)
'Ever had anything like this happen to you?

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