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I've always enjoyed a sedentary life. While sitting, I have experienced the deep satisfaction of sharing people's deepest concerns, loved the pleasures of savoring coffee and conversations with friends, allowed myself to be moved beyond words by a beautiful voice singing an aria in an opera, and loved the excitement of engaging in conversation with fellow "Save the Worlders" at the UN. So, why should I get up out of my chair?
I never expected to, but I had finished my term as President of the UU-UNO, only to arrive home and find a brochure from Road Scholar, nee Elderhostel. inviting me to hike Mt. Blanc with sixteen other hardy souls: "Experience castles, nature trails, the Villar glacier, Roman towns, the Great St. Bernard Pass!" How could I not go? And, oh yes, "must be able to walk 4-6 miles per day" on "rocky and steep uncertain sections."
It was the "uncertain sections" that gave me pause, but what the hell, why not try something new. I'll write about it and perhaps I'll learn something I never found out in my chair.
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