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April 2, 2017 "Welcoming them Back from Exile: How Families can Embrace their LGBTQ daughters, sons, sisters, brothers and mothers and fathers," a reading and discussion at "Encircle: the GLBTQ Resource Center, Provo, Utah, 6:30-8:30. All welcome to attend.

March 29th, UU Neighborhood Church, Pasadena, California. "Bringing Them Back from Spiritual Exile: How to Retrieve our GLBTQ Family and Friends." *7:00-8:30p.m.

March 5--Reading at All Souls Unitarian Society, 80th and Lexington, Reidy Hall, at 11:00a.m. "Bringing them Back from Exile: How to Truly Welcome LGBT Members into Full Community," using excerpts from our book. All are welcome.

February 4, 2017 A Book Launching
I've just received word that our book, Such Charming Exiles: How Two Gay Women Learned to Live Openly and Love Fiercely,"is printed and available on Amazon. This book has been the culmination of two years of writing, review by members of my writing group and thoughtful arguments between Betty and me. Of course, we didn't agree on everything. After all, the book is a very personal record of our first ten years as a couple in a time, similar to our own, when the outside world was full of toil and trouble. We met protesting the Vietnam War and fifty years later, we are marching once again from the UN Plaza to Trump Tower to protest all manner of injustice. The book shows how our commitment to questioning authority, speaking out against leaders who deceive their people and seeking the betterment of all of us have guided our lives. I hope you'll buy they book!

Still another hike in Italy!
Much to my surprise, I'm hooked on this hiking thing and I'm planning another trip to Umbria in May to visit the land of the first settlers, the Etruscans. I want to walk in the same hills as they did and feel their presence in this old section of Italy. I'll take notes for a book on the discoveries that are possible in the last chapter of your life. It's all so amazing to me. Anyone else discovering new passions?

September 1-13th, "Hiking Mt. Blanc at 70"
Join me on Facebook as I join a 16-member group of adventurers who will trek around Mt. Blanc. We will "explore the Great St. Bernard Pass, discover the Roman town of Aosta in the Gran Paradiso National Park and enjoy the wine tasting in villages along the Bretaye Lake,"according to our tour guides. This is not climbing, but strenuous walking at elevations of 6,000-8,000 feet, followed by the comforts of 4-star hotels in the evening. I'll post a brief account of my blisters and insights daily on Facebook, so join me, if you wish, on this fabulous adventure.

February 27, 2009
"Standing Up for Love: What Women Must Say About their Sexuality"
Southwest Women's Unitarian Univeralist Conference
The Holiday Inn Select
Dallas, Texas

Sunday, February 7
"Your Voice at the United Nations: How the UU-UNO Speaks for You."
Santa Monica Unitarian Universalist Congregation

December 3, 2009

“How I Survived My Childhood Religion,” a panel discussion hosted by the Center for Inquiry at All Souls Unitarian Congregation at 6:30.