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Such Charming Exiles: How Two Gay Women Learned to Live Openly and Love Fiercely

We are both psychologists and professors and have been together for over forty years. In that time not only have we successfully pursued our professions but we have been activists, trying to change history in a number of ways: early on, protesting the Vietnam War; and over the years, working for civil rights, especially for those of gay people like ourselves. In our book, Such Charming Exiles, we tell how we came to realize we were gay; how we struggled against the invisibility and/or scorn with which much of American society has viewed us; and how we ultimately gathered the courage to come out of hiding and live honest lives.


Such Charming Exiles: An Interview of Marilyn Mehr by Tom Kirdahy

Please join us for an interview by the Award Winning Producer, Tom Kirdahy, of Marilyn Mehr, Acclaimed Author at the Sag Habor home of Mitch Drazin. This event will support the work of Representative Rebecca Seawright, Assembly Member from the 76th District.

Event will be held on July 29th, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. RSVP at or contact Brenda Wilkin ( or 917-797-9468).

See you there!


Women You Should Know: An Interview with Authors Dr. Marilyn Mehr and Dr. Betty Walker in Prime Magazine
March 13, 2017

In a Manhattan apartment, surrounded by the eclectic assortment of art, books, and photos that one collects over a life well-lived, PRIME Editor Mia Banner, enjoys a private tête-à-tête with Dr. Marilyn Mehr and Dr. Betty Walker about their new book and lives together.

Overall joy! Don’t miss it!

One of the most charming books I’ve ever read. It interlaces love with adventure in the most appealing way. I only wish that I been part of this ongoing fun and drama. The lesbian theme is beautifully woven into this colorful fabric, and adds to the overall joy of this compulsive read. Don’t miss it.
M.G. Ewald


Your book is a treasure

Your book is a treasure that all in our family are reading, one by one. David and I have finished it, and next to read it will be our daughters, Lindsay and Julie. Likely, after that we’ll pass it on to our sons, who don’t live with us.

It is especially helpful for us because (1) David and I grew up around the same time frame that you cover, and did not know anyone who was gay– for the very reasons you gave– and (2) we eventually learned that our only granddaughter was gay. We accepted and loved her, but had no idea how that might effect her life. She chose to go to a college in California some years ago, stayed there, and about six months ago, married a lovely young woman from Germany.

The history you provide, and discovering the learned men and women who quietly helped many through this trying time are very helpful. Thank you!

Roz and David Will


Tom Kirdahy, President, TKP Productions

The book is fantastic–moving, compelling, thoughtful, provocative, wonderfully personal and deeply universal. I was a sobbing mess on the plane…it was probably rather entertaining for the people sitting near me! At one point, when I got up to go to the bathroom I deliberately and proudly placed the book on my table where I hoped others would see it and I thought “even this gesture is a sign of the times…at another moment in our history I might have hidden a book with “gay” in title.”


Lonnie Zeltzer, M.D.
Director, Pediatric Pain and Palliative Care Program
Division of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics, Anesthesiology, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

I finished your book last night and it is a beautiful and honest story of a journey in a relationship that also hit a time in history where being LGBT was still thought of by the majority of straights as unusual and to be hidden. I imagine that there will be many young women who will be able to identify with you in the book and with Betty and want to learn what honesty and trust in a relationship brings them. Great book!!!!